Sun, sea and sharks? Get closer to nature on a Pacific island..

With the frost hard on the ground, what better time could there be to swap the harsh northern winter for some southern sunshine? And when we say ‘southern’, we really mean it – what about heading to Rangiroa, where you’re assured of a welcome that’s warm in every sense of the word. Just imagine revelling in the warmth of the sun’s rays as you stroll along unspoilt coastline rimmed with palm trees and luxuriant tropical vegetation…and that’s before you even get a chance to explore the Rangiroa Atoll and the natural bounty that it harbours. Obviously, although there’s plenty to see on dry land, one of the attractions about Pacific island destinations is their tremendously rich sea-life, which is easier to get alongside than you might think. There are lots of diving schools and dive instructors, catering to all ability levels, from beginners to more experienced divers, and with their help you’ll soon be equally at home under the waves as the fish, manta rays and sharks that you’re likely to see. The Rangiroa Tahiti ecosystem boasts over 800 fish species, but has plenty of other types of flora and fauna, including the Tiaré flower, the symbol par excellence of Tahiti.