Has DBV-Technologies finally got allergies on the back foot?

There are exciting new developments afoot in the field of allergy diagnosis and treatment – which is an area that concerns hundreds of millions of people all over the world. Why not consult this page to find out what DBV-Technologies may have in store for you? The key to this potential breakthrough in tackling many common food allergies lies in the very simple patch solution that the company has pioneered – there’s an-depth look at this on http://www.dbv-technologies.com/en/method/ but it’s essentially an adhesive patch that contains very small amounts of the protein that triggers the allergic reaction in the allergy-sufferer. This protein, or antigen, is delivered to the immune system via a special ‘condensation chamber’ – the blood-skin barrier is not broken at any point, so it’s ideal for children. Bit by bit, the active compounds delivered to the skin will boost the subject’s tolerance levels to the antigen in question – this is known as specific immunotherapy. The DBV-Technologies website has further details of the range of patches it currently has under development, which include patches targeted specifically at peanut and cow’s milk allergies. If you’re affected by any of these allergies, it’s definitely worthwhile keeping a close watch on the site to stay abreast of any new advances.