Boots to put a smile on your face!

Are you finding it hard to come back down to earth after the thrills and spills of the Olympic Games? Well, why not get yourself together again with a new look courtesy of !
Half boots are a favourite Modatoi look and they’ve definitely got into the Olympic spirit of things. There’s a bit of flying the flag, with the union flag motif much in evidence, but edgier, more surprising details are in store too.This comes in the form of death’s head designs and the metal studs that boots this season can’t seem to get enough of. Some say that fashion should be about fun, if that’s you then it’s a must to trial Modatoi’s wellington style half boots in vibrant hues of green, pink and yellow.
Turning our attention to our selection of women’s boots , there are some major design trends to spot – buckles galore, (up to eight at a time), styles that look like they feel as good as they look and as far as colours are concerned, plenty of reds.
It would appear that neither women’s shoes nor dresses are ready for autumn yet with breezy, sophisticated glam the look to aim for, demonstrated by strapless, off the shoulder designs and plunging necklines.