Join the digital content revolution with the latest in flipbook technology!

The flipbook represents a real revolution in the way digital content is presented. It’s not just about the ‘feel’ of a product that reproduces a more homely way of viewing content. Above all, it’s the marriage of technology at the forefront of 21st century living combined with a classic approach to content that’s been so successful.

Webpublication’s online brochure creator symbolises the best of both worlds. For example, you don’t need any specialist training to use the solution – it just takes a few clicks and you’re away: in under ten minutes you can create customised brochures and magazines. However, the technology behind it is powerful enough to offer your users a great reading experience that benefits from the most cutting-edge features currently on the market. Say you want to produce an interactive pdf document. Well, you can bring a whole range of rich media into the equation to transform dry documents into something that will really whet your prospective readers’ interest. There are absolutely no limits to the numbers of images you can include in your document, and no restrictions in terms of size either – video, HD images, sound – they can all play their part in revitalising your digital content!