Riley snooker tables – world-beating performance for world-beating players

We live in such a fast-moving age that sometimes it seems like we’ve forgotten that some things are worth taking our time over. Take a carefully thought-out safety shot that enables you to build a 100 plus break on the green baize, for example. Or what about the painstaking attention that goes into each Riley snooker and pool table, still being manufactured to the very highest standards after all these years? It’s this attention to detail that has won Riley tables their spot at the very highest levels of the sport, including at world championship events, where champions like Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O’Sullivan have been crowned.

If you’re interested in seeing what it’s like to play at such an event, the Aristocrat Tournament Champion is possibly the finest snooker table for sale, anywhere in the world. It stands out with its solid mahogany and hardwood construction, specially-designed steel cushions, laser-cut Italian slate combined with a unique adjustable slate support system that ensures even weight distribution over the table, and world-beating English-made Northern Rubber rubber cushions. The company also supplies an extensive range of cues with which to practise all that long-potting that you’ll need for your next 147 break!

Riley snooker international tables: