Reach the world with easy to use multilingual forms by the FormForAll universal form builder!

It’s now within anybody’s grasp to create an effective, user-friendly form or survey in just minutes, thanks to the drag and drop technology used by FormForAll – no previous programming experience or even general tech-savvy required! A whole raft of features are at your fingertips with these online forms – they’re just dripping with form creation, form publishing, data collection and analysis options. To make things really easy for you, dozens of predefined fields are at your disposal, but it’s child’s play to draw up new ones if needed.  And to make things easy for those who actually have to fill in the forms, there’s a social log-in button that will allow them to seamlessly transfer personal details from their Facebook or Google+ account to their contact, booking or subscription form. There’s no doubt this particular html5 form builder represents a real leap ahead. Firstly, it’s a superb multi-lingual tool. Your forms can now be displayed in over 30 world languages, ready to reach most of the world’s population. Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Korean are just a few of the options available. Add to that its responsive design and ability to adapt to different CMS and you’ve a real winner!